#11 My Wellness Suggestions to arm yourself during Flu Season : A Horsewoman's Guide to Everyday Balance.
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#11 My Wellness Suggestions to arm yourself during Flu Season

by Laurie Henderson on 01/11/17

It is January and in New England that means the coldest month of the year and just about the middle of the Flu Season. I was raised by a mother who employed many home remedies out of tradition and necessity. I was the youngest of four children and seven years after my closest sibling so by the time I came along I think health insurance was probably part of the equation. I can still remember our family doctor making house calls with a leather doctors bag like the one I keep on a bookcase in my foyer filled with vintage and antique medical items. I have compiled a list of my top suggestions in combating the flu season or any other time of the year when you are fighting a virus or feeling like you are coming down with an illness. I am not a medical practitioner but I do pride myself in practicing Homeopathic, Naturopathic, Herbal, and Ayurvedic medicines as solutions to my families wellness issues.

My top 10 (not in order) suggestions to arm yourself during flu season:

 1. Eat Clean
 2. Take Supplements...do research...buy quality...be consistent.
 3. Hydrate
 4. Ventilate
 5. Exercise
 6. Sleep
 7. Communicate
 8. Meditate
 9. Journal

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