#12 Happy New Years : A Horsewoman's Guide to Everyday Balance.
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#12 Happy New Years

by Laurie Henderson on 01/11/17

Happy New Year to everyone. I am not the type to make New Year's Resolutions because I am always trying to improve, self actualize, or just plain learn something new! Instead,I try to make daily, weekly, and monthly goals. For example during the month of January it is my daily goal to work out...my weekly goal to ride a horse once...and my monthly goal to "redo" one room in our farmhouse. I plan on making a template with each daily, weekly, and monthly goal in order to stay focused and organized on the prize...accomplishing these tasks in a controlled manner without feeling overwhelmed!

In order to achieve the goals that I set I find it helpful to utilize a day planner. I like to schedule my goals into my planner so I know I have an exact time to do each thing. I generally like to get my workout done in the am so I can shower and move through the rest of the day "ready to go". The weekly goal is for me is usually a time block that requires an entire day or large block of time. In order to achieve the monthly goal I list out the necessary steps and schedule them into my planner.
It is important to remember to be flexible about your goals. If you miss a time or an entire goal forgive yourself and just reschedule...You are the boss of your achievements and can move things around in order to make it all happen. Sometimes the first step is the hardest. For me, once I have three days in a row of successful goal achievement I am on a roll and once I get momentum It seems to just get easier. Also, remember to give yourself credit for all of the steps you are taking, small or big. You need to be your best friend not worst enemy!
Good Luck this year in achieving all of your goals... remember the first step
is to think it! Be brave, positive, and thankful! Keep smiling and Godspeed to everything you do today and throughout the New Year!

                                 Laurie Henderson 

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