#5...Christmas Spirit : A Horsewoman's Guide to Everyday Balance.
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#5...Christmas Spirit

by Laurie Henderson on 12/19/15

Today is the day that I have my annual Christmas Party, the third Saturday of December, every year...So, I should have everything clean, decorated, cooked, baked, and pressed....This is not the case. My husband and I are self employed which means that I am usually "taking care of business" down to the last minute. This year I found myself running a business errand and picking up some last minute items about an hour away.

On my journey home(before the last stop for some important items), my Mini Cooper battery light came on. I checked the manual and it stated to stop driving as it could damage the engine. Well, I had to get home, stop for my last errand, and then troubleshoot the warning light at home. I stopped at the store( a large box store) and made certain to strategically park so I could "pop" start the car in second gear. Well, after three tries, holding up cars with angry shoppers behind me, literally pushing the car across a two lane road at the light, I stopped in a small parking area to seek out a likely candidate for a "jump start". 
So, here is where the story gets "great"! I was overwhelmed with the kindness from the driver who stopped to assist(even though they could not find their cables and I did not have mine...ugh), the woman who did try to jump my car with her little car(I showed her how to connect as she did not know), the store associate who helped me to call road side assistance(two hours out), and finally, the patron who owned a car dealership up the road who called his service manager to bring a powerful start box(he was returning sox)!
My shout out to you all today is to remember how good life is and to be Present in the moment...I do try to be thankful everyday for the God given life I have and for all of the amazing friends and family I share it with. On this occasion I was overwhelmed with gratitude at the selfless kindness from complete strangers!
Thank you and have a wonderful joy filled Holiday!

Laurie Henderson

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