#4...Take the High Road : A Horsewoman's Guide to Everyday Balance.
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#4...Take the High Road

by Laurie Henderson on 12/18/15

In raising four children there have been so many sayings I have coined over the years, some original and others used throughout the generations. One of my favorites that I have handed out over and over again as advice to utilize during conflict or discourse is to " take the high road". I think I started to use this as advice once our children got to the 7th grade, I found that the drama really started to ramp up around that time and for me it was the best advice to give. I am certain that as they got into High School this phrase got a chuckle every now and again but I am certain the true meaning will be used during their parenting years at some point.

Like most phrases and everything in life, it is all in the interpretation. Even the most cut and dry statements and situations have context and that can change everything. The advice to "take the high road" to me means:
1. Be the best person you can be...have high expectations of yourself.

2. Steer clear of the drama and high above the conflict.

3. Rise above the negative comments and behavior and think highly of yourself, if you don't nobody else will.

4.Walk with your head up and your eyes forward because you will most likely be leading the way and others will follow....the high road is narrow.

5. Pace yourself and dig deep...the high road isn't for the faint of heart.

6. Sometimes the high road is lonely but you will rest knowing you did not take the easy way out and you stayed the course.

I think that taking the high road can be great advice in any situation, The difficulty comes with applying it to your everyday life. The first and foremost thing to remember is to be the best person you can be...for me that starts with being kind and loving. Please don't confuse this with being weak and without conviction...no, it is actually the opposite. You need to make kindness and being loving your conviction.
I am a Christian and Christmas is a time for me to get together with family and friends and celebrate the love of our savior, Jesus Christ. I do however, try to keep in mind that not everyone holds the same belief in their heart. To me being a Christian means, "taking the high road", and that means it is our responsibility to be kind and loving everyday. With love and acceptance comes great things. 
During this Holiday season if someone or something is getting the best of you, I hope that you can also remember to "take the high road". My only advice would be to fill up that glass of wine, walk slowly, and square breathe(love this technique...day one).

Cheers Y'all,
Laurie Henderson

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1. kate said on 12/19/15 - 09:10AM
This is a great reminder.....especially during the Christmas Season !

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