#7...Christmas Eve Traditions : A Horsewoman's Guide to Everyday Balance.
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#7...Christmas Eve Traditions

by Laurie Henderson on 12/21/15

I am a last minute shopper and wrapper. When the kids were younger and making certain that presents did not appear until they were fast asleep so that "Santa" could place them under the tree meant wrapping with the hub on Christmas Eve after out family festivities were over. 

We make seafood chowder and corn chowder on Christmas Eve to keep it simple and comfortable. There is just something wonderful about breaking bread over a bowl of homemade chowder that feels right. Afterward we put a Christmas classic movie on to watch with the kids. When they were younger it might have been a classic like Rudolph or The Tangerine Bear but as they got older the new classic became The Polar Express and it still is. 
I took care of my mother for the last five years of her life while she was dying from Alzheimer's Disease. She lived in our home in her own large downstairs bedroom with an en suite bathroom and propane "stove" in the fireplace. We furnished the room with her couch and some familiar items along with a hospital bed for comfort and ease. Christmas Eve became an event where my youngest of the older brothers would come with his family and they would share in the Christmas Eve festivities. Mom passed peacefully in January 2012 in our home but her spirit is still with us. Now we all get together during our annual Christmas Party which is the third Saturday of December. 
So, from the sounds of it, I should be a bit more organized and have at least a few presents wrapped and under the tree, but I am holding onto the "old ways" as we speak. This week will be filled with some last minute shopping, cooking and baking to get ready for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I plan on starting in small ways to get ahead of the wrapping ...I will be certain to update you!
The best thing I can offer as advice is to live in the moment and enjoy the Spirit of the Season. I know I do. I enjoy getting out there and shopping with the chaos swirling around me, music playing, decorations sparkling, and people hopefully smiling. I am always to smile, hold doors, spark conversation, and share Christmas Sentiments with complete strangers...I usually feel that it makes a difference and actually that is how I roll everyday of the year so why not during the Holidays!
Whatever your traditions are I hope you find these last few days before Christmas lovely ones...remember you are the author of your story and it is never too late to add a new chapter.
Laurie Henderson

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