#2...Square Breathing : A Horsewoman's Guide to Everyday Balance.
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#2...Square Breathing

by Laurie Henderson on 12/16/15

Well, It is day two here for my new blogging adventure. One of the things I struggle with is time management. I am what I call a "big now" person. I immerse myself in what I am doing completely and usually think I have more time than I do to complete something or to get somewhere. It is a challenge for me to switch gears and to account for "travel time" when I have an appointment to make. So, you guessed it, Time Management will be something that I speak on often, I am also a very big believer in nutrition as science and that the body intuitively knows how to heal itself. I have always been an athlete and even at the age of 52 I find time on a daily basis to work out and for me that usually means a run or an hiit workout. I know that sweating on the regular makes me feel alive, centered(balance), and more focused. My goal from here on out is to make certain I am finished by 9:00 am so I better keep this short! I cook and bake from scratch and always buy the best ingredients in their whole or closest to nature form...that means no reduced fat or 2% anything...real butter, olive oil, whole milk, grass fed meat, wild caught fish...You get the picture. oh yeah, and for all of the people saying: "I can't afford to shop that way". I say that you can not afford NOT to...Your health and your families' health depends on it. Remember, to achieve balance you must be present, have realistic expectations of yourself and others, and keep it simple!!! Breathing is very important and during the Holidays I know that people get anxious and feel overwhelmed...here is a great way to calm yourself down and avoid those out of control feelings or arguments with the important people in your life...It is called "square breathing" ...instead of counting to 10 or taking a couple of deep breaths...Do square breathing...start by closing your eyes and envisioning a square box...it is the holidays so get creative...Now, inhale for 4 seconds...that is one side of the box...HOLD for 4 seconds...that is another side...Exhale for 4 seconds...yep, a side...and Hold for 4 seconds...Done...or repeat until you feel relaxed. This is actually a great technique for those times of panic and stress...it physically slows your heart and is also a behavioral coping skill because you think about how to square breathe rather than the thing that is getting the best of you...Cheers, Laurie.

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